CryoCoat™ Cryogenic Insulation and CryoBond™ Adhesives

CTD’s CryoCoat™ and CryoBond™ products were specially designed to meet the unique requirements of cryogenic systems.  CryoCoat™ products are polymer foams that thermally insulate components such as pipes and storage vessels, whereas CryoBond™ products provide excellent adhesive strength after thermal cycling to very low temperatures.  In some instances, these materials are used together to provide enhanced performance.

Product Description
CryoCoat™ 620T Sprayable syntactic insulative coating for cryogenic pipes and structures
CryoCoat™ UL-79 Cryogenic insulation that can be molded in place or applied as pre-fabricated pieces onto complex surfaces
CryoBond™ 920 Adhesive coating used to bond CryoCoat™ UL-79 onto complex surfaces
CryoBond™ XVC Outer moisture barrier/protective coating for use with CryoCoat™ UL-79
Cryobond™ 620N Adhesive designed to withstand thermal cycling to cryogenic temperatures; for use with metals, composites, and ceramics