At CTD, we strive to be a world leader in advanced materials and system solutions for challenging environments by delivering superior value to our customers in a responsible and ethical manner.

Market Approach

We balance fundamental research and development with prioritized innovation and partnerships to achieve commercial viability. We deliver engineered composite materials for your specific application as well as novel products that are enabled by the unique characteristics of composites. CTD is uniquely able to fully exploit the material properties in our portfolio to provide maximum performance and mission success for your applications!


Our Core Capabilities Include:

  • Advanced composite material development and process engineering
    • High temperature, strain, torsion, thermal resistance
    • Cryogenic
    • Low moisture uptake
    • Extreme thermal cycling
    • Fire and chemical resistance
    • Low toxicity and smoke
    • High glass transition temperature
  • Analytical design studies and modeling
  • Component design, prototyping and fabrication
  • Multi-factor testing at extreme temperatures and other harsh environments to validate materials and components
    • Mechanical, electrical, thermal, and physical
    • Testing at temperatures from 4 K to 523 K
  • New products pilot-scale fabrication
  • Material selection
  • Novel packaging for efficient stowage and deployment


CTD has been granted 25 patents and has 28 patents pending on various products. This IP provides a strong position for future commercialization and establishes a competitive position from which to operate in a variety of markets.

  • US Patent No. 7806370, Large-scale deployable solar array
  • US Patent No. 8061660, Large-scale deployable solar array
  • US Patent No. 8066227, Deployable structures having collapsible structural members
  • US Patent No. 8387921, Self deploying solar array
  • US Patent No. 8109472, Collapsible structures with adjustable forms
  • US Patent No. 8393581, Collapsible structures
  • US Patent No. 8376282, Collapsible structures
  • US Patent No. 7897225, Deformable sandwich panel
  • US Patent No. 7710348, Furlable shape-memory reflector
  • US Patent No. 8259033, Furlable shape-memory spacecraft reflector with offset feed and a method for packaging and managing the deployment of same
  • US Patent No. 8074826, Damage and leakage barrier in all-composite pressure vessels and storage tanks
  • US Patent No. 8925627, Coiled umbilical tubing
  • US Patent No. 8522881, Thermal hydrate preventer
  • US Patent No. 8863369, Slit tube locking longeron
  • US Patent No. 6407339, Ceramic electrical insulation for electrical coils, transformers, and magnets
  • US Patent No. 7892597, In situ processing of high-temperature electrical insulation
  • US Patent No. 751498, Trifold Solar Panel
  • US Patent No. 754598, Trifold Solar Panel
  • US Patent No. 755118, Trifold Solar Panel
  • US Patent No. 755119, Trifold Solar Panel
  • US Patent No. 9281569, Deployable Reflector
  • US Patent No. 9404256, Stowage and deployment of slit tube booms
  • US Patent No. 9664211, Shape memory polymer devices
  • US Patent No. 10160555 B2, Multiple Boom Deployment
  • China Patent No. ZL201080006163.0, Furlable shape-memory spacecraft reflector with offset feed and a method for packaging and managing the deployment of same
  • Israel Patent, Allowed, Furlable shape-memory reflector