ASTM & SACMA Standard Tests

CTD routinely performs the tests listed below, in addition to designing custom test procedures. Please contact us regarding your test requirements.

A931 Tension Testing Wire Rope & Strand
B557 Wrought Al Alloy Tensile
C297 FWT of Sandwich Construction
D1002 Single Lap Shear metal to metal
D638 Tension, Plastics
D2290 Hoop Tensile Strength
D3039 Tensile Test of PMCs
D3479 Tension Fatigue for Composites
D5766 Open Hole Tension
D6742 Filled Hole Compression and Tension
D7291 Through-Thickness Flastwise Tensile Strength and Modulus of PMC Material
E8 Tensile Testing of Metallic Materials
E602 Sharp Notch Tension on Cylindrical Specimens
E1450 Metal Tension At Cryogenic Temperatures
F606 Mechanical Properties of Threaded Fasteners, Washers and Rivets
C365 Core Compression
C364 Edgewise Compression of Sandwich
D695 Compression Testing of Rigid Plastics-SRM-1
D3410 Compression of PMCs by Shear Loading
D6272 Four Point Bend of PMC Laminates
D6484  Open Hole Compression
D6641 Combined Loading Compression
D7137 Compression After Impact
C273 Shear Properties of Sandwich Core
D2344 Short Beam Shear
D3165 Notched Lap Shear
D3518 In-Plane Shear by 45° Tension
D3528 Double Lap Shear
D3846 In-Plane Shear Strength of Reinforced Plasstics
D5379 Shear Properties by V-Notched Beam Method
D149 AC Dielectric Breakdown
D150 AC Loss Characteristics and Dielectric Constant
D257 DC Resistance
D3755 DC Dielectric Breakdown
D2566 Cure Shrinkage
D635 Burn Resistance
D3713 Plastics Burn Test
D2584 Fiber Volume- Resin Burn-off
D3171 Acid Digestion
D3531 Prepreg Gel Time
D3801 Comparative Burning characteristics of Plastics in a Vertical Position
D3850  Thermal Degradation of Insulating Materials by TGA Method
D5229 Moisture Absorption
D5470 Thermal Transmission Properties of Electrical materials
D5528 Fracture Toughness of FRPMC
D5628 Impact Resistance of Flat, Rigid Plastic Specimens by Means of a Falling Dart (Tup)
D5961 Bearing Response of PMC Laminates
D6267 Aaparent Viscosity of Hydrocarbon Resins at Elevated Temperatures
D7028 Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA) Testing
D7136 Damage Resistance, Drop Weight impact
D7249 Facing Properties of Sandwich Constructions by Long Beam Method
D7264 Flexural Properties of PMC Materials
E1131 Compositional Analysis by ThermoGravimetry (TGA)