High Performing Resins for Medical Magnets, Coils and Accelerators

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CTD’s resins are also employed in many of the newest MRI machines and medical accelerators that create ultra-high magnetic fields (exceeding 3 Teslas). Additionally, they in utilized in MRI systems that leverage our economical insulating resins, thermally conductive resins (in the case of cryogen-free MRI machines), and high-field MRI systems that require enhanced radiation resistance. Across the spectrum, CTD is deeply involved with developing the best composite and resin systems that optimize magnetic field generation and insulation to ensure these machines operate without quench.

More recently, CTD’s cyanate ester formulations have been adopted in the construction of medical accelerators for proton therapy magnets. CTD’s CTD-403 is utilized in angle steering coils and article  beam accelerators used in proton therapy machines for cancer treatment. Their resilience in high radiation environments make them ideal in these applications.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging Machine

Medical devices and equipment are critical in enabling enhanced quality of life and delivering life-saving therapies. Metals such as titanium are commonly utilized in implantable medical devices as it exhibits a strong strength-to-weight ratio, as well as being non-ferromagnetic and is inert in the human body resulting in minimal risk to the patient. Other metals such as stainless steel, gold, silver, platinum, niobium, and tantalum, as well as alloys such as MP35N (Nickel Cobalt), NiTi (Nickel Titanium aka Nitinol). Naturally, these materials are becoming increasingly hard to find or manufacture which is creating a need to look to other materials that exhibit similar properties while lowering the cost of care and improving patient outcomes.

Composites have the capability to replace many of these metals and alloys to provide exceptional performance at a much lower cost. Another consideration is the ability of these devices to be rendered safe for magnetic exposure, which is critical for patients requiring post-operative Magnetic Resonance (MR) imaging to ensure proper placement of vascular stents, coils, filters, and other implants. Bio-compatible resins are available which are non-toxic and non-carcinogenic, and when coupled with carbon fiber for structure can result in unmatched performance and functionality for a fraction of the cost.

CTD is currently developing capabilities in the medical domain for MRI-safe medical equipment including sutures and surgical tools, as well as cryogenic-ablation systems and tools, lightweight-oxygen storage and delivery for mobile respiratory therapies (respiratory and breathing), composite-enabled solutions for bone fractures and repairs (orthopedic and spine, external fixation), and insulation and thermal management systems for implanted electrical components that increase performance and extend device longevity.

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