KIBOKO® Pressure Vessels

CTD’s Kiboko® pressure vessels are all-composite tanks that contain gases and liquids for aerospace and automotive applications.  In each instance, the reduced weight of the linerless tank offers better mass storage efficiency and improved thermal performance during rapid fill cycles.  These microcrack-resistant composites are enabled by the use of CTD-7.1 as the polymer matrix in carbon-fiber reinforced composite vessels.

CTD offers both custom-designed all-composite tanks, as well as CTD-7.1 resin to manufacturers of composite over-wrapped pressure vessels.  Kiboko® pressure vessels are currently used as fuel tanks on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s), and were previously space-qualified in support of a U.S. Air Force satellite mission.

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CTD-7.1 Datasheet

Kiboko Type V Datasheet

All-Composite Pressure Vessels
All Composite Linerless Pressure Vessel