CTD Awarded Department of Energy Phase II Release 2 SBIR

July 12, 2019

CTD was awarded a two-year, $1 million US Department of Energy Phase II Release 2 SBIR for Radiation Tolerant, Thermally Conductive Resin Systems for High Energy Physics Magnets. This effort spans work beginning in August of 2019 continuing through August of 2021. Andrea Haight, PhD, is the principal investigator that will continue to develop thermally conductive resin systems for High Energy Physics Magnets, as well as address commercial market opportunities that may benefit from high performance, thermally conductive resins. The primary goal of these systems will be to reduce training cycles for superconducting magnets, as well as improve quench protection by increasing the thermal stability of the magnets which can further reduce the cost of these magnet systems by reducing the need for liquid helium as well as improving the longevity of the magnets.

CTD is establishing partnerships with commercial companies to evaluate these resin systems in commercial markets to further enhance the value proposition offered by these systems. These commercial markets (automotive and medical imaging) will enable less costly production of reliable high-field magnets utilizing these integral insulation systems.