CTD Unveils CLASP and the 2019 Aerospace Products Catalog at SmallSat 2019

August 5, 2019

CTD unveiled the updated Aerospace Catalog – web at the 2019 Small Satellite Symposium (Logan, UT). The catalog features the relevant products for the Aerospace industry while providing a glimpse into the value offerings that support mission success across the range of materials through solutions and services.

Additionally, CTD unveiled the Compact Lightweight Array with Shape-memory Polymer (CLASP) solar wing for small satellites. This solution provides the highest specific power for small satellite solar wings on the market, enabling missions previously unattainable due to lack of on-board power. The technology is photo-voltaic cell agnostic, enabling the user to tailor the solution to the mission requirements. The unique z-fold wing, supported by shape memory polymers, provides operators with more than 250 W/kg of power, perfect for solar-electric propulsion missions and other high-power applications. The packaging efficiency greatly reduces mission risk through simplification (reduced parts count), and increased reliability over mechanical hinges and mechanisms.

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CLASP Deployed