Linerless UAV Composite Pressure Vessels

CTD readies another batch of liner-less, lightweight tanks for use in UAVs

April 23, 2021

CTD’s Type V liner-less composite pressure vessels continue to provide unique capabilities to the Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV) market. These lightweight pressure vessels exhibit the utility of such a design, with a dry weight of approximately half a pound and a usable volume of more than two liters, these tanks house liquid propane gas which powers high performance solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) to increase the UAV flight endurance. Over the last decade, hundreds of these tanks have been delivered for use in various missions, ranging from military and government applications to forest and wildfire management. 

CTD is proud of our heritage as the innovator in Type V liner-less pressure vessels (US Patent No. 8074826, Damage and leakage barrier in all-composite pressure vessels and storage tanks) and continues to innovate in this area to deliver high operating pressures for emerging needs such as hydrogen powered UAV and lightweight breathing tanks for use in hazardous environments.